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Boring & Grooving - Steps

Step 1.

Bar Set up

For best performance and to
eleminate chatter in boring and grooving operation; Select a
boring bar with the largest
diameter permissible.

Extend the boring bar the shortest diameter possible
Use the narrowest insert


Step 2.


Cut the first groove to the depth of the first roughing cutting diameter.
The feed the insert toward the other side of the workpiece. Cut till the end, then retract the insert at the 45° away from the wall.
Repeat the operation, till the
roughing operation is complete.


Step 3.


Face-Off at finish dimension, one side of the groove to the finished diameter.

Retract the insert at 45° away from the wall and move to the other side of the groove. Face-Off to the finish diameter and continue to cut till the other wall is reached, than retract the insert at 45°.

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