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The Best Price for The Best Tools

Milling Tool Accesories

Milling Solution Tool!™ Catalog

NO! Vibration Milling Bar

Tool Post & Tool Holders

Quadra ® Indexing Quick Change Tool Post & Super Quick Change Tool Post

Tool Guides

2022 German Tool Guide

Für die Zerspanung

Metric Tool Guide

A complete guide to the metric tool Dorian Tool has to offer.

2018 Tool Guide

A complete guide to our Tool selection.

Indexable Cutting Tools

Solution Tool!™ Catalog

The NO! Vibration Re-Tunable Bar & High Performance Boring Bars

Knurling Tools Catalog

The Knurling Solution. For cutting & Forming.

Turning & Boring Tools Catalog

Turning, facing, boring & chamfering operations. O.D. & I.D. profile. Between centers & Chuck works.

Threading, Grooving & API Catalog

Threading, grooving and API systems, and spare parts.

Swiss Machine Tools Catalog

Swiss screw machine turning tools, with the advanced thru coolant Jet Stream™. 

Jet Stream ™ Catalog

Thru coolant cutting tools.

Kool Cut Modular ™ Catalog

Modular quick-change turning, grooving, and facing system.

Carbide Turning Inserts

Proven performance carbide turning inserts technology.

Machine Tool Accessories

Tool Presetters & Tightening Fixtures Catalog

Tool presetting and data management to
increase the shop’s productivity.

Ultra-Precision V-Flange Tooling Catalog

Milling toolholders and spare parts.

Live Centers

High Performance Perfetta™ Live Centers.

CNC Adjustable Angle Heads

.90º and Universal CNC Adjustable Angle
Heads, designed for interchangeable spindle taper
holders among CAT, ISO, and BT toolholders

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