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Grooving & Turning Method - Steps

Step 1 .

Turning Method

Set the toolholder close to
starting point of the groove.

Cut the first groove above the
diameter finish dimension.


Step 2.

Groove Roughing

Repeat the operation in equal segments for the total length to be turned. The wall of the segment should be the width of the insert less 20%.

For Example:
5mm Insert Wall 4.5mm width
.200″ Insert Wall .180″ width


Step 3.

Web Roughing

Cut the webs with the same
diameter of the grooves


Step 4.

First Finishing Cut

Face-off at finish dimension one side of the groove to the finished diameter, then retract the toolholder at 45° away from the wall


Step 5.

Turning Method

Move the toolholder on the other side of the wall of the groove, face-off to the finished diameter and continue to cut the entire surface till the other wall is reached, then retract the toolholder at 45° away from the wall.
Note: The Grooving & Turning Method is faster the than Turning and Grooving Method, however only 2 sides of the insert are used.

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