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No. D2 Turning, Facing & Boring Toolholder D35CXA-2



No. D2 Turning, Facing & Boring Toolholder

The “V” groove makes this holder more versatile so that it can hold either square shank toolholders or boring bars. Holds the tool close to the tool post to maximize rigidity when turning, facing, threading or boring. Fits industry standard toolposts.

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D35CXA-1, D35CXA-1-MSN, D35CXA-2, D35CXA-4-1000-DUAL, D35CXA-41-1250-DUAL, D35CXA-4M-25-DUAL, D35CXA-41M-32-DUAL, D35CXA-5-4, D35CXA-7-71C, D35CXA-881-OE, D35CXA-35, D35CXA-36

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