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Solution Tool - Integral



• For Small Boring Operation.

Engineered to bore small diameter holes, and cutting depth to 14 x Boring Bar Diameter.

The Technology behind Solution Tool!™ Integral, is to perform simple and reliable when deep boring small size holes, with close machining tolerance and high surface finish. The Integral Boring Bar is a two part construction, the body where the boring bar is held, made of alloy carbide for rigidity, stability and strength, the housing that holds the dampener, made of heat-treated alloy steel, and brazed together with Silver Alloy Braze. The braze is the buffer zone where the frequencies generate from the cutting operation are stopped.

Boring Bar Sizes:
Inch: 1/4” Dia., 5/16” Dia. 3/8” Dia.1/2’’ Dia., 5/8” Dia.
Metric: 6mm Dia.,8mm Dia.,10mm Dia.,12mm Dia.,16mm Dia.

Boring Ratio: 8 x Dia., 10 x Dia., 12 x Dia., 14 x Dia.


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