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No. QITPN-2 Turning, Facing & Boring Toolholder QITP25N-2



No. QITPN-2 Turning, Facing & Boring Toolholder

The “V” groove makes this Toolholder more versatile, to hold either square shank Cutting Tools or Boring Bars, held close to the Tool Post to maximize Rigidity, Stability & Performance in turning, facing, threading and boring Operation.


QITP_N-2 Turning, Facing & Boring Holder

  • Holder are Built 4140 Cromium-Molybdenum Alloy Steel
  • Special Heat Treat Process to protect Surface & minimize Cutting Vibration
  • Quick Change Mounting.
  • Toolholder Flat, has a “V” Groove to hold a Round Boring Bar

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QITP25N-1, QITP25N-2, QITP25N-4-750-DUAL, QITP25N-4M-20-DUAL, QITP25N-41M-CNC*, QITP25N-7-71C, QITP25N-881-OE, QITP25N-36

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