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Cutting Tools for the Machining Tool Industry

Turning Tools

Square Shank Turning Tools

Boring Bars

Threading Tools

Parting and Grooving Tools

Swiss Turning Tools

Boring Solution Tool! ™

No vibration, deep hole boring bars

Jets-Stream ™

Thru coolant turning tools

Thru coolant boring bars

Milling Tools

Indexable Insert End Mills

Indexable Insert Face Mills

Dovetail Indexable Cutters

Chamfer Indexable Cutters

Milling Solution Tool! ™

No vibration, deep hole boring tools

No vibration, extended milling tools

Knurling Tools

Forming Knurling Tools

Cutting Knurling Tools

Diametral Knurling Tools

Internal Knurling Tools

Milling Knurling Tools


Turning Carbide Inserts

Milling Carbide Inserts

Cutting Tools Hardware


Quick-Set™ Tool Presetter 


Turning Machine Tool Accessories

Quadra ® Indexable Tool Post

New Quick Change Tool Post

Live Center

Dead Center

Bull Nose

Face Driver

Drill Chuck

Milling Machine Tool Accessories

CNC Right Angle Heads

R8 Right Angle Milling Head

R8 Milling Draw Bar

V-Flange Tool Holders

Integral Keyless Drill Chuck Holders

Retention Knobs

Ultra Precision ER Collets

Smart Tool Setter

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