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No. D36 5C Collet Toolholder D30BXA-36



No. D36 5C Collet Toolholder

This Toolholder’s wide range of collet adaptability makes this tool ideal for holding drills, taps, chucks & boring bars. It holds the tools with extreme rigidity without scarring them. Fits industry standard tool posts.

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D30BXA-1, D30BXA-2, D30BXA-4-1000-DUAL, D30BXA-41-1250-DUAL, D30BXA-4M-25-DUAL, D30BXA-41M-32-DUAL, D30BXA-7-71C, D30BXA-881-OE, D30BXA-35, D30BXA-36

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