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No. D41-DUAL Universal Extra Heavy Duty Boring Bar Toolholder D25AXA-41M-25-DUAL



No. D41-DUAL Universal Extra Heavy Duty Boring Bar Toolholder

This Toolholder is best used for holding boring bars. It has four flat-face locking-screws that automatically align the center height and rake angle of the boring bar while locking it rigidly for chatterfree machining. Flat-face locking-screws do not scar the boring bar. This holder reduces setup time by eliminating the need to indicate across the boring bar flat. Fits industry standard tool posts.

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D25AXA-1, D25AXA-2, D25AXA-4-750-DUAL, D25AXA-41-1000-DUAL, D25AXA-4M-20-DUAL, D25AXA-41M-25-DUAL, D25AXA-7-71C, D25AXA-881-OE, D25AXA-35, D25AXA-36

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